you are in the Apolgies Project Visit the Secrets Book

Make amends!—Take part in a collaborative art project to create a book of apologies—The second in a series of books with secret text, revealed only under black light.

Have you ever let someone down? Left a promise unfulfilled? Broken a vow? Stepped on a toe? Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to apologize for the wrongs you've done someone else—intentional or accidental, big or small. Now's your chance to make an apology and banish regret.

Your apologies may find their way into an Invisible Book. In normal light this beautiful handmade book will be filled with apparently blank pages, but hidden on the pages will be apologies that you share here.

All contributions will remain absolutely anonymous; no one will be able to tell who wrote what. No personal information is requested.

The finished book, Apologies, will be shown in San Francisco in 2010—details to be posted in this site at a later date. Because of space limitations, some submissions may not make it into the final book. Secrets, the first book in the Invisible Book series, can be viewed in the library collection of the SFMOMA, The New York Public Library, UCLA Special Collections, and at the Donna Seager Gallery amongst others.

you are in the Apolgies Project Visit the Secrets Book